Rotary Servomotors

Packed with Performance

The Sigma-7 line of AC brushless rotary servo motors covers a full range of load requirements in both small and medium capacities. The advanced technology built into Sigma-7 sets a new industry standard for responsiveness, precision and long-term reliability.

We bring decades of practical design experience into each rotary servomotor, so you can choose from a wide range of sizes, speeds and torque ratings. 

  • 24-bit high-resolution encoder installed
  • High efficiency, low heat generation
  • Downsizing by up to 20%
  • Flange compatible with Sigma-5

Available Motor Series:


The general-purpose workhorse of the Sigma-7 line, SGM7A is available in a wide range of sizes and covers the capacity spectrum from low to medium power.

  • Low inertia, high speed
  • 50W - 7kW
  • 3.000 rpm

Experience Sigma-7


Delivers a rated speed of 1.500 rpm, and rapid and consistent throughput over a wide power range.

  • Medium inertia, low speed, high torque
  • 300W - 15kW
  • 1.500 rpm


Optimize load matching for lower capacity loads with this medium inertia servo motor that delivers on our reputation for exceptional reliability.

  • Medium inertia, high speed
  • 50W - 750W
  • 3.000 rpm