YASKAWA Drives & Motion Products and Motoman Robots in Textile Production


YASKAWA Drives & Motion Products

All over the world Yaskawa drive solutions power textile machinery and keep it running 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Textile machinery disruptions quickly result in enormous production outage losses. Because of this down-times need to be eliminated by means of careful engineering and a selection of reliable drive components and systems. Yaskawa is the partner who can provide competent engineering teams and high-quality products specific to the textile industry.

Expertise & Experience

Yaskawa provides great experience in the textile industry derived from long term partnerships. Application-specific solutions ensure high efficiency and profitability for its customers. From bale opening to the weaving machine, from extruders to winders – Yaskawa knows the specific application requirements.

Yaskawa offers dedicated Drive Systems for the Textile Industry

A complete power range from 0.1 kW to 185 kW is available with standard and specific functionality to cover the application requirements of the textile machine industry. The T1000 Inverter Series and the Sigma-5 Servo Series from Yaskawa have been developed with a focus on reliable operation, easy handling and overall cost-saving aspects. Controllers complete our portfolio.

Textile / Fabrics / Clothing Production with Motoman Robots

Textile production is not only about manual labour in the Far East, but solid robotic automation with Motoman Robots, specivifylly when it comes to individualisation of clothes and fabrics.

Although Textile and Fabric Material is pliant and not easy to handle, Machine Vision are helping Motoman Robots to handle them.

Shoe Production with Motoman Robots

Motoman Robots are involved in the sass production of shoes.